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2016-2017 Board Members

Board members are elected by the HSA membership each spring to serve the following school year. All parents are encouraged to consider a board position and/or get involved in the election process.

The Co-Presidents oversee the HSA Board and ensure that HSA activities have the resources and tools necessary to run smoothly. They conduct monthly board meetings and several general meetings throughout the year, as well as hold informal gatherings and opportunities for parents to provide input. The Co-Presidents also meet with school administration on a regular basis to stay in touch with school happenings and needs.

, 1st Vice President

The 1st Vice President manages and reconciles QuickBooks for HSA accounts and manages payroll for any school personnel funded by the HSA. She monitors the budget and manages the HSA PayPal account. She also works with the HSA’s CPA to prepare tax filings.

DSC_7746 , 2nd Vice President

The 2nd Vice President manages employee documentation, employment contracts including associated tax filings, and HSA insurance policies. She also coordinates the preparation of the annual budget and monitors actual expenses against budget over the course of the fiscal year.

, Secretary

The Secretary attends all HSA general and Board meetings and keeps an accurate record of happenings at these meetings, including attendance records. She maintains all HSA records except for financial records, which are maintained by the Treasurers.

, Co-Treasurer – Accounts Receivable (AR)

The AR treasurer manages HSA bank deposits and checks monthly bank statements. She collects and deposits cash and checks for all school events and manages PayPal deposits. She also prepares budget reports for all HSA meetings.

KavitaChambery , Co-Treasurer – Accounts Payable (AP)

The AP Treasurer signs and distributes payroll checks and makes payroll entries in QuickBooks. She prepares and writes checks to cover all bills and assists with audit, tax preparation and filings.

attachment-1 , Ways & Means _SLS8881 (4) (1) , Ways & Means
The Ways & Means chairs are responsible for recruiting chairs for all HSA fundraisers and providing assistance during event planning as needed. They develop and assess the viability of new fundraising ideas and oversee the publicity for all fundraisers. They also solicit annual sponsors from the Lafayette and local business community to participate in the the annual Lafayette Sponsorship program.

, Membership

The Membership Coordinator develops a strategy and develops materials to distribute to parents and staff to encourage them to join the HSA. He collects and tracks membership contributions and sends out tax receipt letters to all contributors.

, Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteers Coordinator helps to recruit parents for volunteer positions throughout the school. This includes room parents, classroom volunteers for fundraisers, and many other volunteer opportunities. She also helps to coordinate Arts Night in conjunction with the school art teachers and others.

Eve , Early Childhood Liaison

The Early Childhood Liaison welcomes families in pre-K and kindergarten via email, letters, a popsicle social the week before school starts, and other social events during the year to help pre-K and kindergarten families get to know one another. She also helps to introduce these families to the events and traditions of the school and facilitate their involvement in school events.

 Laura (1) , Environment

The Environment Chair is responsible for HSA efforts related to facilities and grounds at the school and the adjoining Lafayette park. She coordinates with DCPS facilities managers as needed to implement work and manage costs of the project.

DSC_6457 , Hospitality head shot , Hospitality
The Hospitality Chairs provide refreshments for HSA events throughout the year, including teacher luncheons, the first day of school breakfast for parents, Back to School Nights, the summer camp expo and more. They also coordinate Teacher Appreciation Week in the spring.

SarahRemes Outreach/Tours

The Outreach Coordinator serves as the parent representative at school  tours during the year and answers parent inquiries. She welcomes new families to the Lafayette community and helps to answer any questions they might have about life at Lafayette.

 hanrahan-sophie , Communications   , Communications
The Communications Coordinators manage HSA outreach efforts and maintain the school website and social media accounts. They also assist other Board members with their communications-related activities.

Dr Broquard , Principal

The Principal participates in all HSA Board and general meetings. She provides updates on school happenings and input as needed for discussions and decisions about HSA activities. The Principal also must sign off on any request from a staff member for HSA funds.


Ms. Yedwab , Staff Representative King Staff Representative
Staff Representatives attend all HSA Board and general meetings to provide insights from a staff perspective. They also communicate HSA happenings to Lafayette staff and inform the HSA of relevant issues among the staff.

Community Representative
Community Representatives are individuals who live in the Lafayette school boundaries and want to be involved in the life of the school. They provide insights from a community perspective about HSA and school activities.