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Visual Art for Grades 1-5

Art Room Newsletters

The art program for grades 1-5 builds upon the fundamentals learned in early childhood. As you walk through the halls of Lafayette, you will see evidence of the vibrant art program happening every day. From wall mural installations to individual works, student art makes the school a unique and special place to be.
Working with certified art specialist Laurie McLaughlin in Lafayette’s art studio each week, students are encouraged to develop an appreciation for fine and folk art from around the world, to explore their own visual creativity, and to become joyful and confident as they express themselves visually. Visiting lecturers and guest artists enrich the art room curriculum. In addition to weekly classes, students have the opportunity to attend “open art” at lunchtime. This is a chance to complete class work, explore a new medium, receive instruction on the pottery wheel, or try digital art on the computer.
Washington DC is a wonderful campus to further explore the arts. Field trips to museums, performing arts centers and theaters enhance the classroom experience and bring the arts to life. Parents are encouraged to spend time with their children attending art exhibits, reading about artists in the news, and creating at home.

Specific skills taught include:

  • Elements of art: line, shape, color, texture, form, space
  • Principles of design: rhythm, contrast, proportion, unity, emphasis
  • Exposure to a variety of art media including: painting, drawing, weaving, quilting, sculpture, printmaking, pottery wheel and more
  • Culture and history connections through art
  • Integration with music and academic themes
  • Exhibition and performance opportunities at every grade level