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Art Show at Broad Branch Market

Art Show at Broad Branch Market

We are excited to announce a new art show at Broad Branch Market! More than a month in the works, this display celebrates the art and poetry of African American author/illustrator Ashley Bryan and has been completed just in time for Black History Month!

Congratulations to the following second graders whose delightful and playful windy day art explores movement and warm & cool colors through oil pastel and chalk drawings: Skye Brookfield, Liam Cuadra, Nina Darlan, Chase Hobson, Nadia Kallmer, Londaon Kennedy, Jonah Levy, Luca Maniko, Esme Nooruddin, Loal Perlman-Chang, Isaac Schaefer, Oliver Siegel, Lilla Speth and Maren Weiss. If you see Tracy at the Market, make sure you thank her not only for the original vision of art at the market and for purchasing the frames, but also for making some difficult adjustments to the hanging to make sure all our art is displayed to its best advantage.

Congratulations also to second graders whose art has been selected to grace our front office walls for this school year: Marlie Alprin, Samantha Broquard, Peter Hoover, Emma Nemelka and Oliver Siegel. Additional second grade windy day drawings and some of our African textile art is going up in the cafeteria in honor of Black History Month. We hope the next time you are in the building, that you will check it out! And always remember to check the art room blog from time to time… or better yet subscribe to the monthly blog.


-Laurie McLaughlin, Visual Art, Grades 1-5