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Bears Roar at Battle of The Books!

Bears Roar at Battle of The Books!

Here’s a shout out of to all participants and our wonderful 4th grade teachers. And now…the results!

First Place: Donuts of the Galaxy: Dorothy Kremer, Mia Mora, Ashlee Narsico, Ailani Cuadra, Esther Flores-Calderon, Miriam Stinton-Remes
Second Place: The Five Musketeers: Spencer Jones, Elijah Lott, Caleb Murphy, Paul Joire, Sam Ginsburg
Third Place: Booky Katz: Jack Reeves, Griffin Fraizer, Zachary Dell-Bosak, Elijah Gold-Moritz, Judson

Congratulations to the 4th grade students and teachers for another successful Lafayette Battle of the Books. This terrific Lafayette academic tradition is designed to get 4th graders excited about reading some great books and working together as teams to answer questions about what they learned. On Thursday April 13, parents, teachers and dozens of teams gathered in the new gym for the 2017 Battle. It was clear from the crowd, the music, the t-shirts and hairdos, the pizza and the cookies and the spirited competition, that the Battle of Books is a rocking and reading good time. Nearly every 4th grader took part in the competition and they made their teachers, parent coaches and friends so proud.

Thanks to Ms Demaria, Mr Catapano, Mr Coor, Ms Houston and Ms Culver for their hard work planning the Battle and to Ms Leese for her help in selecting the books and keeping score on Battle. Night. Thanks to the HSA for their support and to all the teachers, Administrators and parents who came out to cheer on the teams.