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DCPS Middle and High School Overcrowding

DCPS Middle and High School Overcrowding

Two Lafayette parents, Alison Barnes and Ben Fitzpatrick, are representing Lafayette in a working group designed to help address overcrowding at Wilson High School and the community of middle and elementary schools that feed into Wilson.  Over the past three weeks they have attended meetings at both Mary Cheh’s office and with DCPS as DCPS identifies ways to cope with persistent and growing enrollment issues throughout the Wilson community.  

The number of school age children in the Wilson community is expected to grow 21% between 2015 and 2025, with the Chevy Chase DC neighborhood predicted to experience the greatest growth of any neighborhood, according to the DC Office of Planning. Wilson currently has an enrollment of 1,750 in a building that can accommodate 1,700 students, and is expected to experience enrollment spikes in the coming years as large Deal middle school classes graduate.  Deal is only able to accommodate its current enrollment of 1,476 students — a 27% increase since 2012 — by erecting portable space for 200 students. Elementary schools throughout the Wilson community are either at-or-over capacity, with no expectation that their enrollments will subside. These numbers support the need for DCPS and the DC Government to take substantive action to address existing and upcoming enrollment issues throughout the Wilson community of schools.

Barnes and Fitzpatrick met with parents and administrators from other feeder schools to discuss possible solutions as well as current issues related to school overcrowding.  The meetings, both with the formal working group and the Wilson feeder schools, are expected to continue throughout the year. The Lafayette representatives will next meet with Dr. Broquard as well as members of the HSA and LSAT to gather and share more information.