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A Rhyming Request For Auction Donations

A Rhyming Request For Auction Donations

It’s not too late to donate to celebrate 1928!
The 2017 Lafayette Auction is coming up quick, but we need your help for our final donation kick!
Our Auction is only as great as the donations we make and the events we create. 
But the deadline is near and we are still short we fear. 
If you have points that can be converted to gift cards for rooms, restaurants, and tickets to events, that would be so heaven sent. 
We will also take cash to add to our stash.  
So don’t hesitate, find an idea or item that great and donate, donate, donate.
It’s as easy as pie, we would not lie, just fill in this link and sit back with a drink. 
For more details on this ultimate rage, check out the Lafayette Auction Page
Thanks for supporting the school and making the 2017 Auction so cool!