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Speak Mindfully, Act Mindfully, Move Mindfully.


Early Childhood

Children in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten participate three times each week in an integrated art, music and movement program with early childhood specialist Andrea Perll. Projects are created to allow children to explore their creativity and express themselves both individually and in collaborative ways. While learning specific techniques and elements of art, musical qualities, and modes of expression, students are encouraged to experiment, problem solve, and “make it their own.” Students learn an art vocabulary and use a variety of media. Many projects are designed to tie into themes which students are studying back in the classroom.

Early Childhood artwork is exhibited regularly around the school, particularly in the breezeway between the Great Hall and the Early Childhood wing. Please come by and see your student’s work.

You can view a presentation about the Early Childhood Arts Program.

Specific skills taught include:

  • Recognize elements of design: line, color, value, texture, shape, form, space
  • Learn about famous artists and different art forms
  • Awareness of tempo, beat, and musical patterns
  • Learn about sound: high/low, loud/soft, fast/slow and experiment with instruments
  • Create and participate in school-wide performances
  • Respond to cues: start/stop, directional cues, musical cues
  • Develop locomotor and non-locomotor skills, improve dexterity and coordination
  • Respect for self and others’ intentions and work