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For Parents

Parent involvement in the school is vital to the happiness of the child in school, and the overall success of Lafayette. Lafayette invites and encourages parents to get involved in the school in any way they can.

Get to know your child’s teacher and volunteer in the classroom. Serve as a room parent. Help out with school activities and events. Come to school performances, events, and teacher conferences. And most importantly, talk with your child about their day, help with homework and know how your child is doing in their classes.

One of the best ways to feel connected with the school is to get involved with Home and School Association (HSA). Become a dues-paying member of the HSA and show your financial support by contributing to the Program Support Fund at the beginning of each school year. Come to the meetings, join a committee, find an activity that appeals to you and fits your schedule. There are volunteer opportunities that you can do from home, in the evenings, or during the day. Some activities are ongoing, while others are discreet tasks or involve just a few hours. Whatever you can do, know that it makes a big difference to your child to see the family engaged and excited about the Lafayette community.