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student-services-headerStudent Support Services


Lafayette’s counseling program is composed of individual and group counseling, as well as classroom guidance activities with an emphasis on character education. The counseling program also includes student support and advocacy, student data collection, standardized testing preparation and data interpretation, student support team (SST) coordination, college and career awareness and preparation, and special student activities and programs. Our school counselors are certified, specially-trained professionals who service every student as needed and operate as advocates for every child.

Individual and/or group counseling services are available from the counselor via a referral from a teacher, parent, community agency, or self-referral. Ongoing counseling sessions are provided at the counselor’s discretion with priority given to urgent school-related needs and concerns. Parents may set appointments by leaving a message at the main office for the counselor at 202-282-0116.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

This program provides additional support to students with limited proficiency in the English language and helps these students have a successful school year. Contact: .

Peer Mentoring

Students have the opportunity to serve as academic tutors in their area of strength to other students needing additional support or reinforcement. Students may also serve as peer mentors to students who may need supports socially. Students regularly partner with their tutor or mentor one-on-one to receive support, motivation, and a listening ear.