Board members are elected by the HSA membership each spring to serve for a term of one or two years. The board holds monthly board meetings as well as general meetings for the entire HSA membership.

All parents are encouraged to consider a board position and/or get involved in the election process. For a description of each board position, click here.

For minutes from HSA board and general meetings, click here.

2017-2018 Board Members

HSA Leadership

Chris Lisi-Frillici
Margaret Lidstone

Board Members

Shannon Behm
Colleen Lyster
Tammy Horn
Tonya M. Esposito
Astrid Ruggeri
Sean Maloney
Carrie Willimann
Eve Bennet
Laura Nelms
Edith Rankin
Clare Sant
Nedra Pickler
Sophie Hanrahan

School and Community Members

Staff Representative
Staff Representative
Joe Nelson