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Speak Mindfully, Act Mindfully, Move Mindfully.

early-childhoodStudent Life

A child’s education happens both inside the classroom and out. From pre-kindergarten through 5th grade, we offer a full-day curriculum that encourages our students to grow as individuals… academically, socially, artistically and athletically. This is why we offer a full range of student activities and clubs that complement the academic day and help students to expand their skills beyond the classroom.

The classroom experience is also enriched by a range of resource teachers specializing in visual arts, music, reading, physical education and conflict resolution. These teachers add the creative spark that helps students to think creatively and problem-solve in all areas of their life.

Lafayette Elementary is fortunate to have a well-equipped school for our students. As they travel between classes, to lunch, and out to recess, they enjoy facilities such as a gymnasium, a cafeteria equipped with a stage and sound system, several multi-use outdoor play areas, and an inviting library.