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Speak Mindfully, Act Mindfully, Move Mindfully.


Fitness is an important aspect of overall student well-being. Athletics teach important skills, such as teamwork and perseverance, that round out the classroom curriculum. Students at Lafayette receive weekly physical education classes and have a variety of extracurricular sports to choose from.

jump-rope-for-heart-ss-9Physical Education Class – All Lafayette students participate in weekly physical education classes where the importance of discipline, sportsmanship and cooperation are taught. Students explore movement, learn physical discipline, and experience the joy of accomplishment. Younger students focus on improved motor skills, coordination, and the pure fun of movement. Older students enjoy the challenges of team work, skill-building, and personal accomplishment. Lafayette is fortunate to have well-equipped facilities, including a full-size gym with hardwood floors, an indoor climbing wall, and several outdoor fields, courts, and play areas. Contact:

Cross Country (Grades 4-5) Cross country competition involves running distances of one-and-a-half miles to two miles over varied terrain. The season runs from September to November. This is a team sport in which each runner’s performance can contribute to the team’s score, and in which we emphasize individual perseverance and supporting each other. The season includes a Lafayette Invitational Meet hosted on our campus for other area schools. Contacts: , , and .

ianIndoor Track (Grades 4-5) During the winter season, from November through January, we prepare for the traditional track events like hurdles, 55 meter sprints and relays, races at distances up to 1 mile, shot put, and long, triple and high jumps. We generally practice outside, but the meets are indoors at the Prince George’s Sports and Learning Center.

Outdoor Track (Grades 4-5) From March through May, students train and compete in traditionaltrack events like hurdles, 100 meter sprints and relays, races at distances up to 1 mile, shot put, and long, triple, and high jumps. Both the practices and the meets are conducted outside.

Girls and BDSC_1671oys Basketball (Grades 4 – 5) Lafayette hosts both a boys and girls basketball team. Basketball season begins in December with all games starting at 3:30 p.m. Lafayette plays against neighboring schools such as Murch, Janney, John Eaton, Shepherd, Brightwood, and Whittier. Home games are played at Lafayette in “Bear Arena.” Any student interested in trying out for the team should contact either or .