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Lafayette Drama Club Performance of Wild Island receives rave reviews from parents, students and guests.

Congratulations to the Lafayette Drama Club and their fearless leaders Mr. Steven King and Ms. Annie Campbell for another successful show. Mr King’s latest opus “Wild Island” rocked the Lafayette stage last Wednesday for two packed performances. A tremendous cast and crew of Lafayette 3rd, 4th and 5th graders worked for weeks on this, the Drama Club’s 8th show, and all their hard work and practice showed.

Lafayette mom Hope Scheller did an amazing job working with the kids and parents on colorful costumes, props and make-up as well as a very cool set that transformed from Chicago by night to the Wild Island. Lafayette’s own maestro Mr Joel Holmes helped out with the music and lighting and Mr. King and Ms Campbell coached the kids to some impressive dramatic heights. Special props to student stage manager Lian Alula. Special thanks to all the Lafayette students, parents and friends who came out for the show and to Dr. Broquard and the HSA for their support of the Drama Club.  Can’t wait to see what Mr King comes up with next.

The Lafayette Wild Island cast includes: Lily Formuzis, Sophia Harper, Haidyn Williams, Alice Patterson, Penny Mason, Alec Nicholson, Samantha Broquard, Kai Handy- Kanegis, Lane Mahan, Jaya Thacker, Katie Boyle, Jack Pagano, Danny Alula, Archie Lacey, Zander Sargent, Walt Bernstein, Ian Springer, Rory Davis, Peter McManus, Finn Zentay, Miles Bickart, Mia Mora, Hadley Haray, Hadley Bennett, Lucia Ridgeway, Ray Whipple, Sofia Ridgeway, Leah Harper, Lilly Moser, Janie Sargent, Luka Neskovic