Auction Party Cancelled; Auction to go Virtual Instead

Dear Lafayette Community,

After much thought, we have decided it is in the best interest of our community to cancel the “in-person” portion of the auction at Lafayette on Saturday, March 14 due to coronavirus concerns. Instead, we will be having a “Virtual Auction” and encourage Lafayette supporters to host small gatherings at their homes on Saturday, in lieu of traveling to the school.

While many deposits and non-refundable payments have already been made, we feel that at this time, it is the responsible decision for the community. Please know, however, the annual auction is the largest fundraiser for Lafayette Elementary and supports the majority of the Lafayette’s Home and School Association’s annual budget. The HSA supports the school by providing funding for classroom supplies, school supplies, teacher professional development, recess coordinators, such as computers, science programs, FoodPrints, or Peach Program, and many other extracurricular programs.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that this year, a portion of the Lafayette Auction will also go to support the HSA’s newly formed Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which aims to foster a community that promotes inclusiveness, raise awareness of and address racial equity in our community, and support parents in engaging their children about race, diversity, and inclusion. Finally, the HSA supports its sister school, the Takoma Education Campus, through the Lafayette Gives Back program.

Therefore, we really hope you will be able to participate in the “Virtual Auction” wherever you may be.

Don’t cancel your babysitter yet! See Details Below

Auction House Parties
  • We will be listing all of the auction items on the auction website,
  • Bidding for all items, except instant-buy items such as parent and kid parties, will kick off on this Wednesday, March 11, at 12 noon and conclude at 10 p.m. on Saturday, March 14.
  • We will send out a link to the auction catalog later this week, which will include all the items up for bid.
  • This is the first time we will have live auction items up for bidding competitions, so be sure to team up with your friends to buy some of these coveted items!
Catered Food Available for Your Gathering
  • We will be taking advantage of our caterer by preparing “Auction-To-Go” platters for people who are hosting a Lafayette Auction party at their home! 
  • Sign up here to get a platter or two if you are hosting a gathering.
  • Platters can be picked up in front of Lafayette on Saturday, late morning.
Bid Online
  • All of the auction items will be on the auction website,, and bidding for all items, except instant buy items such as parent and kid parties, will kick off on this Wednesday, March 11, at 12 noon and conclude at 10 p.m. on Saturday, March 14.
Donating Ticket Cost or Requesting Refunds

Finally, thank you for your understanding and your continued support of Lafayette.


Ashley Kennedy (Sutton Flanagan, Class of 2021)
Beth Wynn (Veva, Class of 2021, and Alexandra, Class of 2023)
2020 Auction Co-Chairs