February 21, 2020

Vacation Week Activity: Donate an Auction Item, Buy Your Tickets, or Sponsor a Teacher!

We hope your family is enjoying Winter Break. Before you return to school on Monday please consider supporting our school’s annual auction scheduled for Saturday, March 14th, by doing any or all of the following this week at
  • Purchase a ticket to attend
  • Sponsor a teacher or school staff member’s ticket
  • Make a donation

Why should I support the auction?

All funds raised at the auction go to our parent-teacher association, the Lafayette HSA. The HSA provides around $400 per student to support our school community and programs including both grade-specific performances, extra curricular programs, classroom supplies, science programs, and more. We help fund our school’s one-of-a-kind Peace Program which focuses on social and emotional learning and makes our school a kinder, more inclusive place. Importantly, we also help cover many building and school supplies costs so that Dr. B can focus her budget on teachers.

Where can I purchase tickets?

You can get a ticket for yourself or sponsor one for a teacher at If purchasing a ticket would present a financial challenge for your family, please send a confidential request for a free ticket to We’d love for all parents to attend!

How do I sponsor a teacher or staff member?

We love to have our school staff and teachers enjoy a fun night out at the annual auction. Please consider sponsoring a ticket for one or more members of our school team at What a great way to show support for all of the important work that they do every day.

What donations are still needed?

We’re still looking for donations - any type of fun experience, athletic event tickets, nights at vacation homes, airline miles/vouchers, gift cards to your favorite stores, and/or an item you have laying around at home that a member of our community might be excited to take home on March 14th. Donations can be submitted online at or they can be emailed directly to

Thank you for your much needed support. We hope to see you on March 14th!

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