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March 13, 2018

Information about Potential School Walkout

Dear Lafayette Parents and Families,

We are aware there is an event that calls for students to walk out of school on March 14 to participate in a national call for Congress to pass legislation on gun violence prevention. The walkout is scheduled to be 17 minutes long to commemorate the 17 Stoneman Douglas High School victims who lost their lives.

In the classroom, DC Public Schools (DCPS) empowers students to be inquisitive, informed, and engaged citizens who use critical thinking, inquiry, and literacy to prepare for college, careers, and civic life. Like many other big cities, DCPS encourages and supports students exercising their First Amendment rights, and DCPS is providing the following guidance for students and families who want to participate in this national youth-focused event, which is allowed under the DC Municipal Regulations (DCMR). Participating in a walkout is an individual family’s decision and we encourage you to discuss your child’s plans.

Elementary school students who wish to participate in the walkout need to be signed out and accompanied by a parent or guardian. Students will not be permitted to leave the building with friends without a parent/guardian/caregiver. Students should be signed back into school by a parent/guardian/caregiver to return to class.

For all students who require assistance from a paraprofessional or nurse, parents or the paraprofessional/nurse must be willing to assist students who wish to participate in the walkout. If a parent or paraprofessional/nurse is not willing to accompany the student, the student must remain inside the school.

Conversations about current events will continue to play out both nationally and locally, and it is important that our youth know that school is a safe place to feel whatever they need to feel. Please encourage your child to speak to teachers and administrators about these topics because we are committed to our students being engaged in constructive ways.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via phone at (202) 604-8473 or via email at carrie.broquard@dc.gov. Thank you for your support.


Dr. B

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