A Message for Fourth and Fifth Grade Parents from Peace Teacher Linda Ryden

Dear Parents, 
This year in Peace Class for 4th and 5th grade we have been tackling some challenging issues and so I wanted to share with you some of what we have been talking about.  It is my hope that your children are sharing with you some of what we talk about in class, but if your children are like mine, you might not be hearing much. Since the beginning of the year (and in many ways since 1st grade) we have been building a foundation of metacognition skills and mindfulness skills in order to utilize those skills to talk about stereotypes, implicit bias, and discrimination.  I have written new lessons for this year that attempt to give the kids skills to recognize their own biases, discover where these biases come from, learn how to talk about them, and then learn how to interrupt bias when they are confronted with it in its many forms.  These lessons are based in current research by Zaretta Hammond, Rhonda Magee and Dena Simmons among others who focus on the inner work of racial justice.  It is my hope that these lessons will plant a seed that will continue to grow with the children. If you are interested in more details about these lessons please check out my Peace Class Lesson Plans that I send home weekly via your child’s homeroom teacher and the Special Subjects Weekly Bulletin that is shared via the Tuesday Bulletin.  There is much more information on my website https://teachpeaceofmind.org/ and you can read some of the lessons for yourself in my new book “Peace of Mind Curriculum for Fourth and Fifth Grade”.  
As always, please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions. It is a privilege to work with your children in Peace Class and to have the opportunity to share with them heart to heart as we navigate life’s joys and challenges.   In Peace,  Linda Ryden