A Message from the HSA: Budget update and Thank You!

Lafayette families –

Thank you to the families who attended the Budget Presentation on March 2.  At that time, as planned, we presented a proposed budget for the 2020-21 school year, and presented a proposed reserve spend to fund adjustable basketball hoops, a robust professional development plan for academic team leaders and coaches, and funding for this year’s newly formed Diversity and Inclusion program.  However, we informed the community that we had just been provided a FoodPrints budget that left open a possible funding gap based on the amount we had in our proposed budget.  We are working to clarify whether there will be a greater need for funding than provided in our current proposed budget to sustain the FoodPrints program.  Additionally, the cancellation of the auction party will have a budget impact that we also need to consider. Because these questions remain open, we are delaying our budget vote to a date to be determined so that we can give the community sufficient time to review a finalized budget proposal. We will publicize a finalized budget and reserve proposal at least 15 days before any vote, per our bylaws.  

We would also like to thank Julie Visperas, Kalena Clarke, and Edith Rankin for organizing the surprise celebration of Dr. B’s Rubenstein award.  Those who attended can confirm a beautifully executed event that surprised and touched Dr. B. We are proud of our Principal and thankful for parents like Julie, Kalena, and Edith for all they do to bring us together!

As always, reach out to us with any questions.

Anu Mullick and Bree Cohen
HSA CoPresidents