A message from the HSA: Thank you to our community!

As we close out this unprecedented year, we’d like to recognize our amazing community. Our administration, teachers, and staff showed skill, dexterity and dedication, ensuring our students felt joy, security, purpose, and community, all while learning their traditional curriculum and learning some important life lessons. We remain awestruck and grateful for the everyday acts of heroism we witnessed this year.
Our parents, guardians, and caregivers took on new roles, overseeing multiple virtual schedules, making sure assignments were completed and submitted, learning new in person procedures, and rolling with multiple changes along the way. We witnessed so many parents and caregivers jump in to support their village. Parents and helpers hosted virtual lunch bunches or and made sure new families felt welcome. We saw community members share helpful technology troubleshooting tips and saw countless hands raised to help make reopening a success. It was a brilliant reminder of how strong we can be when we work together.  
Through your tireless volunteerism and support of the Bear Fund, as a community we were able to respond to some acute and new community needs by:
  • Purchasing 64 new laptops for teachers and staff to respond to virtual learning demands
  • Delivering almost 90 welcome kits to new families 
  • Delivering mid-year sweet treats to over 100 teachers and staff members
  • Providing breakfast, lunch, and other surprises during Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Providing reimbursements for teacher supplies, whether virtual supplies or return to classroom
  • Providing the school with reopen safety supplies, including signage and distancing tools 
  • Organizing a parent donation drive and facilitated the purchase of over 40 school tool box supply kits to Lafayette students
  • Providing almost $10,000 COVID relief to Lafayette families in the form of grocery and store gift cards
  • Donating on behalf of Phyllis Fagel, $750 to the Takoma Education Campus
  • Contributing books for book drives supporting students at both Lafayette and Takoma Education Campus
  • Donating over $10,000 as part of our equity pledge to the DC Ed Fund – to purchase grocery cards for families across DCPS who attend health hubs for student vaccinations to prepare students for a return to IPL, particularly in Wards 5, 7 and 8
This year was harder than most. It felt long. But, mutual support helped keep so many of us afloat. We are so grateful to be a part of this community. We look forward to the future, when we can get back to some of our beloved traditions and come together physically, the way we came together in spirit this year! 
Wishing you a safe and healthy summer,
Bree Cohen (outgoing) and Ann Sun, HSA CoPresidents