A Note from Ms. Ryden

Dear Parents, 
Parenting during this pandemic has been really challenging. In case you missed it, The Washington Post did a special section on parenting during the pandemic that included a piece I wrote about how mindfulness can help.  I am holding live, mini Peace Classes for all of my students in grades 1-5 every week, so please let me know if you don’t know when your child’s class meets. You and any other kids in your family are always welcome to join us. I have also created videos that include mindfulness and other social emotional learning resources, games, activities, etc. that I hope will help you and your kids get through this hard time. They are all available in the Peace Class Team and also on my website: https://teachpeaceofmind.org
I strongly believe that mindfulness is a life skill that can help us get through hard times like these. Ask your child to teach you and join in with their mindfulness practice. You won’t regret it!  
If there is any way that I can help you please let me know.  Be well, my friends!