The After School Advisory Team (ASAT) is a parent group that advises the school’s administration regarding aftercare and enrichment programs at Lafayette.

The ASAT aims to connect Lafayette’s parents, school administration, and aftercare and enrichment providers with each other to address students’ after-school needs and experiences. The team meets monthly during the school year to focus on issues related to planning, program offerings, and feedback from the parent community. The current on-site providers may also use the ASAT as a “working group” for problem-solving situations. Click here to read the ASAT bylaws.

The ASAT is composed of approximately 15 – 20 volunteer members, including at least one current member of the HSA board, one current member of the LSAT, and one current teacher.  Members are self-selecting volunteers who demonstrate interest and commitment to attend at least 80% of the annually scheduled meetings. Requests for new members will be made in the spring, in line with HSA and LSAT election cycles.

Attendance at ASAT meetings is open to all. Click here for minutes and records.