Considering joining Lafayette?

Lafayette will host virtual and in-person tours throughout the school year to give prospective families the opportunity to learn about our school. Principal Dr. Carrie Broquard and a parent representative will present a slide show of information and pictures from the school and take questions.  A schedule for the 2022-23 school year is forthcoming. 


How to Enroll

Kindergarten-5th Grade, In-boundary

Students who live within in the Lafayette boundary entering Kindergarten through 5th grade may enroll at any time. To determine if you are in the Lafayette district, please refer to the DCPS website. In-boundary students who wish to enroll in grades K through 5 should submit a DCPS enrollment packet online. Families must also provide proof of residency within the Lafayette boundary and proof of their child’s age if new to the school.

All students must also provide certification of immunizations each year by the first day of school. You may enroll before these health forms are completed and hand them in later, but before the start of the school year.


Families who live outside Lafayette’s boundary may apply for enrollment from Pre-K through 5th through the out-of-boundary lottery process. The lottery process for enrollment takes place from January to March the school year prior to desired enrollment.  Please see My School DC for more information and to apply for the lottery.


All interested Pre-K students, no matter where they live, must enter the Pre-K lottery to obtain a Pre-K spot at Lafayette, with priority given to those students with siblings already at the school and those who live in-boundary. Please see My School DC for more information and to apply for the PK4 lottery.