An Update from the HSA

To the Lafayette Community,

Today the Home and School Association was notified by authorities that prosecutors have decided not to press charges against our former treasurer for misuse of funds, citing her cooperation and full reimbursement for our losses.

This closes what has been a painful period for our organization. The former treasurer also recently provided us with an additional check about for $795.95 to cover final attorney and accounting fees related to this matter. That brings the ex-treasurer’s total reimbursement to the HSA to $41,579.45 to pay back funds used for personal expenses, plus an additional $13,595.95 for attorney and account fees incurred since the fraudulent spending was uncovered in August.

The HSA Board is committed to emerge stronger from this theft. We have already put a series of financial reforms in place, as outlined in a previous letter and are continuing a deep review of all our policies and procedures to ensure no official in our organization can ever take advantage of our trust in this way. These reforms are a regular discussion items at our meetings, and we encourage all HSA members to attend and participate in that process. All meetings are listed on the website calendar, with the next general meeting planned for Jan. 11.

Despite this challenge we have faced, we emerge confident the families and friends of Lafayette are among its greatest assets to complement the amazing staff. We are thankful for all of you who are part of our community and continue to show your support.

The HSA Board