ART FAQ from Ms. McLaughlin and Ms. Perll

Q: Why didn’t I get my artwork back from last year?
A: We have many, many thousands of pieces of art which we logistically weren’t able to distribute to you during pickup last week, but we are keeping them all safe and sound and will distribute them through portfolios when we return to the school in person. 🙂
Q: What art supplies will we need for this year and what if we don’t have them yet?
A: The art supply list was included in your school supply list. The first few weeks of live art classes, just make sure you have some paper and something to draw with. If you need help with art supplies, please e-mail (all requests will be kept confidential).
Q: How do we get to live art classes and what if I miss a live class?
A: There will be a link to all your live specials (including art) in your DAILY SCHEDULE ON YOUR CANVAS CLASS. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to class the first day… there are bound to be some snafu’s. If you have to miss live art class, the assignment will also be posted. Just click your independent learning ART button near the bottom of your Canvas Class which links to your art module.
Q: How do I turn in my art assignment?
A: For grades 1-5, there will be an assignment posted each live class. 
  • 1. Click your independent ART button at the bottom of your Canvas class. Then click the NEXT button on the lower right until you come to your Assignment. 
  • 2. After you finish your assignment, write your name and class code on your art and then take a photo of it and upload using the upload button at the top of the assignment page. You can also add a title or description to your upload.
We are SO excited to see you and create art together! Welcome Back!!!