Arts Night is Tomorrow: Images Debut, Garden Walk, Volunteers Still Needed

Images: The long awaited 2018 Lafayette anthology, IMAGES, will be sold at Arts Night this week and next! Remember to bring $20 cash (or a check made out to the the HSA) to Arts Night this Thursday May 10 or next Thursday for Arts Night II. Art and writing from every student, fun class photos, autograph pages, and more are included once again.  Add this treasure to your collection!

Art on Display: Remember to find your student’s artwork in our Lafayette art gallery when you attend Arts Night this week and next! And take a sneak peak at some of the units and projects your students might get to experience in future years! From ancient times to the present, from cultures around the world, Lafayette’s art students find their inspiration from many sources. Student’s learn the language of art, the variety of forms creativity takes and how to find fascination in the world of art.

Garden Walk: Make sure you take time to walk through the Bear’s Garden and check out our ongoing art installation in the garden. ALL of our 1st-5th grade students have created something for our garden… from clay leaves and flowers to pollinators, to stepping stones with sparkling glass beads, and wire and bead sculpture with wishes for our Lafayette students from our departing 5th graders. Plan to swing through while the light is still good!

Volunteers Still Needed: We still need parents to help sell pizza on both Arts Nights! Sign up here to help.

Reminder of the Schedule for tomorrow night:

Arts Night I: PK-1st

Grade/Ensemble Line Up Location & Time (P.M.) Performance Time (P.M.) Pick Up Location
Lafayette Chorus (1st&2nd Graders) Multipurpose Room

@ 5:30

6:00 *1st Graders: Go to 1st Grade Wing for grade level line up

**2nd Graders: Return to Multipurpose Room for Pick Up

PK PK Wing

@ 6:15

6:30 PK Wing
K -K Wing

@ 6:30

6:45 K Wing
1st -1st Grade Wing

@ 6:45

7:00 1st Grade Wing