Asymptomatic Testing Scheduled for Thursday, 2/18

DCPS and DC Health are providing asymptomatic testing for all students with parent consent to participate on file.  Our first day of asymptomatic testing will be Thursday, 2/18

If you have already turned in your signed consent, your child will receive a nasal swab PCR test.   It is a swab in the front part of the nasal cavity (not the “brain tickler” or “eyeball scratcher” swab that some of you may have encountered).  The swab is administered by DC Health staff and will be done in either the gym or multipurpose room (not the classroom). 

If you have not yet turned in your consent form but would like your student to participate in the testing, please have your student return those ASAP.  The link to the forms as well as a DCPS “Testing Explainer for Parents” is below.

For students attending “B Week”, we are working with the DCPS Health team to schedule asymptomatic testing for your students next week.  More information on that date will be shared soon.

Testing Consent Forms