Auction 2018 This Saturday! Tickets Still Available

St. Paddy’s Day Bash – Saturday, March 17th at 7 PM


So, you missed the deadline to buy $75 tickets—what a holy show. Don’t be daft and miss the next deadline…tickets are $90/person through 5 p.m. Saturday, March 17th . Click here to buy your tickets today. Alright? Grand!

Get Your Green On!

Wondering what to wear to this year’s Auction? Well, if you were heading to the pub for St. Paddy’s day, what would you do? Maybe a ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirt paired with your favorite jeans. Or maybe you’ll just come as you are but throw on a green bowler for flare. Sequins are your thing? Well, by all means, don them and get yourself to the school! This year we are going for simple, casual and maybe a touch of green. We really don’t care what you wear as
long as you come ready to bid, dance and have a good time.

Pub Party at the Lafayette Harp & Fiddle

You’ve donned your green, had a wee drink and a nosh, bid your heart out, and now you’re ready to create a bit o’ mischief. With a wee bit of magic and a whole lot of luck, the halls of Lafayette will be transformed into the Lafayette Harp & Fiddle. With live music, open bars, billiards and darts, it will be the place to be. So, make sure you have your babysitter booked until midnight and are planning to stay to the very end because this party is going to be a whale of a time.

Auction Catalog

In an effort to go GREEN (save trees & save money) the Auction Catalog is smaller this year. The catalog, hopefully delivered to you via backpack express, will feature only a sampling of the auction items while directing parents to go to the 501 Auction website to view the full “menu” auction items online [Didn’t receive your catalog? ‘Tis possible a wee Leprechaun ate it as a snack. No worries, you can see an electronic version here 

Look for our final edition of the “Irish Times” delivered straight to your inbox this Thursday, March 15th.