Auction Time: Save the Date, Call for Donation and Volunteers

Please Save the Date as this year’s auction will be magically delicious and fun, as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Lafayette Elementary School!!!

When: Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 7:00 PM
Where: Lafayette Elementary School

Stay tuned and please visit the Auction page on our school website to find out further details on the fun night.

Of course this Auction would not be possible without a team of volunteers and of course….Introducing our 2018 Auction Chairs…..Hope Scheller and Jennifer Vaughan.

After already having 1 child graduate from Lafayette, Hope’s youngest child will be graduating this year, coupled with her strong artistic talent, and to boost a veteran auction planner, this will be an auction to remember!
Jennifer, a mom of 2 Lafayette boys in 4th and K, is fresh from last year’s auction decoration committee and is excited to use her skills on solicitations this year, so get ready to bid on some great prizes!
Together they have recruited a great committee of Auction volunteers but they still have several important roles that need to be filled and products and services to be secured.

All offers of help are welcome and please email  with your interest.

Join the Communications Team: We are looking for some witty wordsmiths to join the Auction Communications team. The team will divy up the weeks of communication, making this a very important, but a good short-term volunteer opportunity.

Donations for the Auction: The Solicitations team is looking for donations of hotel rooms, airline tickets, sporting events and special event tickets for the Auction. If you would like to donate cash to help buy these things or have connections in any of these areas, we need your help. Does your firm have box seats at the Capitol One Arena or NATS Stadium? And of course don’t forget the beloved Parent or Kid Parties, so if you are itching to host… Let us know. We are also looking for folks who may have vacation homes or other special services to donate to the Auction. Creative out of left field ideas very welcome. Just send us an .

Join the Class Creations Team: One of the hottest categories of the auction, but of course who would doubt it, winning your child’s class creation is simply priceless. Join the team and work with the Class Creations Lead, Lara Kline, to bring these wonderful creations to auction night.