Don’t Forget to Donate to the Lafayette Bear Fund!

The Bear Fund is the Lafayette Home & School Association’s annual fundraiser that supports technology, community events, and many of the school’s unique programs like the Peace Program, Arts Program, and so much more. During the pandemic, this funding made it possible to purchase laptops for teachers and students as well as support Lafayette faculty, staff, and families in need. This year, the HSA is working hand in hand with the school’s administration to ensure a safe and effective transition back to school for our entire community. 

Donate To The Bear Fund

If you are feeling thankful for all that our wonderful teachers and administration are doing, please know that your support helps to make our school and its response to this pandemic even stronger. When the community comes together to raise money for programs and supplies through the Bear Fund, it allows Lafayette’s administration to focus its resources on ensuring we have a talented pool of teachers, aides, and specialists to welcome students back to the rigors and rewards of in-person learning. The Bear Fund also supports the transition back to school in other ways, such as providing the necessary funding for grounds improvements, including sunshades and tents, that make it easier for the children to be outside for lunch and other activities. 

We are excited to be back this year and striving to get back to “normal.” With your help, the Bear Fund will allow Lafayette to be responsive to the ever changing needs required to keep our kids and community safe through what we hope is the end of this pandemic. Please join us and make your gift today.

You can find more information about the Bear Fund here. Interested in providing your input on community engagement and fundraising priorities? Take this survey. Please contact  with any questions.