Bear Fund Participation: How Does Your Grade Stack Up?

November is a time to give thanks. With that, we wanted to thank the many generous donors we have had to our 2018-2019 Bear Fund Campaign. Without you, so many programs and supports would not be possible at Lafayette. We have exceeded our funds raised last year and now are looking to increase participation across all grades. Right now approximately one-third of the school’s families have donated– but we can do better! Gifts of any size count towards our goal so give today and  join the other families how have helped to support our school.

Fourth-Grade in First

Right now, 4th grade is in the lead with 43% participation. But you can help close the gap and pass those nine-year-olds! If your family hasn’t given yet — donate today!

Bear Fund Participation by Grade



Donate Today and Help Raise the Participation Rate!

Donations of any amount count towards participation. We appreciate gifts of all levels.

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