Being Thankful…and Giving

We hope everyone will have a happy Thanksgiving on Thursday! The HSA is thankful for all the donations given so far by parents this year. Those funds support the Peace Program, enrichment programs and so much more. In fact, here’s what your donation dollars can buy:

  • $15,000 pays for 1st-5th grade choir instruction
  • $3,000 pays for the science-night expo
  • $2,500 pays for professional development opportunities for teachers
  • $1000 pays for a quarter of art supplies for our incredible art program
  • $500 supports field day activities
  • $150 helps Lafayette students-in-need participate in activities and field trips 
  • $75 pays for one student’s Peace instruction for the year 

If you haven’t yet donated this year, click here to give now! Not sure if you have donated? Click here

We are making progress towards our fundraising goal of $150,000, but we still need your help!

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Remember- paying your class activity fee is separate from donating to the HSA!

Happy Thanksgiving!