Help Us Fill Our Black History Month Artifact Collection

Hello families,

We have had a very successful Black History Month thus far! We kicked it off with a week focused on Black Lives Matter and the beliefs and practices that connect to it. We are celebrating with a scavenger hunt this week as we learn about some of the many influential black people in history and today. But just as a month isn’t anywhere close to enough time to explore 1000’s of years of black history and culture in depth, 21 people is only the tip of the influential iceberg! That is why we need to “Ease on Down the Road” and continue our discovery and discussion around important people in black history and black culture. For that we will need your help!

We are going to create an artifacts display in the school for the last week of Black history month. The artifacts will fit one of 3 categories/themes. These themes are pulled from the 3 important qualities in the story The Wiz: courage, heart(love, passion) and brain. Each artifact should “fit” into one of these 3 categories. We would love parents and families to contribute to these displays so we can learn as much as possible!


What is an artifact you may ask?
It can be a book (about someone or something), a picture, an item, an activity, anything that was either invented by a black person or is an important part of black culture!
When should you bring it in?
Now! Anytime between today (February 13th) and Friday (February 23rd!)
Where should I bring this item/items?
Ms. McLaughlin’s art room!
What should I do to make sure I can get it back?
Put your first and last name and your child’s class number on it and we will get it back to you, otherwise we cannot guarantee it’s returned. (We can’t guarantee it’s returned either way… but we have a much better chance if it is labeled).
Should I send in something really valuable/ not replaceable or if it’s super fragile?
No probably not, this is an elementary school, not a museum. But if you take a picture and tell us about it that is great!
Anything else I should know?
Yes! It would be great if you could make a card/ brief explanation of any items you send in, this will help use sort it into the proper category.

Thank you for your help in making this a really wonderful project and display.

-The Culture Committee