Black Lives Matter Year of Purpose April Preview 

Our theme for April is “Trans-Affirming, Queer-Affirming, Collective Value” 

Here are some kid-friendly interpretations of these BLM principles:

Trans-Affirming: “Everybody has the right to choose their own gender by listening to their own heart and mind. Everyone gets to choose girl or both or neither or something else and no one gets to choose for them.”  

Queer Affirming: “Everybody has the right to choose who they love and the kind of family they want by listening to their own heart and mind.”  

Collective Value: “Everybody is important and has the right to be safe and happy.” 


April is also Autism Awareness Month.  

Our plans:  

  • Jillian Diesner will announce the new theme at Wellness Wednesday on April 7 with a mindfulness practice and a slideshow. Liz Ritchie will read the book Red at Wellness Wednesday on April 21st (tentative based on new schedule)  
  • Staff will participate in a PD on transgender rights and awareness during the staff meeting on April 7.  
  • SPARK and Kaleidoscope Kids will host a guest speaker, Sophie Kellam, an intern at the New Hampshire Disability Rights Center, who will talk to the kids about living with Non-Verbal Learning Disability and ADD. (This is tentative based on the new schedule.) 
  • Teachers can choose from Read-Alouds from this Read-Aloud list  
  • Our BLM Sharepoint document has a wide variety of resources on this topic  
  • Peace Class for 3rd -5th grade will continue to focus on gender stereotypes and the ramifications of those stereotypes for all people including those living outside the gender binary. 
  • We will offer a closed affinity group for gender non-conforming children and their parents. If you are interested in participating in this group or would like more information, please contact Ms. Diesner at