Book Fair is December 4-8 

The Lafayette Book Fair is this week, December 4-8! The fair will be in the library and open to students during the school day, and to families from 3:15-6:00 on Monday, and 3:15-4:30 on Tuesday through Thursday

Class schedules can be found here.

There are a few ways for students to pay if they would like to purchase books: 

  1. Scholastic eWallet is a safe and cashless payment option! Similar to a gift card, families can simply select the amount they would like and print it at home.  Visit the book fair homepage to set up an eWallet. After the fair, any leftover balance on a student’s eWallet can be redeemed at Scholastic’s online fair that will run until December 14th, which is a great option for out-of-stock books and out-of-state family.
  2. Students can bring a sealed, well-labeled ziplock bag with cash. 
  3. For adult shoppers, we will also be accepting cash, credit cards, and checks made payable to Lafayette HSA.

We will also be holding a Book Drive for Takoma Elementary library, so families can use the opportunity to buy and donate a new book to our sister school. 

We count on you to make another great event cherished by the children and treasured by our library!