Book Fair Poster Contest

Combine your love of books with your artistic skills and create an entry for the poster contest! Must use 8 ½” by 14″ white paper, available in the library.

Draw your favorite scene from your favorite book.

Write about your favorite part of the book. Description should be no more than five sentences long and should fit onto the poster. Neatness, legibility, content, spelling, punctuation, and grammar will be analyzed.

For younger students, parents can have children dictate a response. However, all artwork must be done by students.

Include the title of the book and the author.

Please include your name, grade, and class code.

Posters are due to Ms. Leese by Friday, November 22!


Rubric Scoring

Title and Author:  10 points

Drawing:  40 points

Review: 40 points

Name, Grade, Class Code:  10 points

100 points Total

Ties will be determined by a drawing.

One winner from each grade will receive
a $20 gift certificate at the book fair!