Book Fair: Thank You For Your Support!

The snow didn’t dampen the Lafayette community’s enthusiasm for books! Thanks to the flexibility of our teachers, and the hard work of our volunteers, we were able to fit five days of book fair into four! We sold over $14,000 worth of merchandise, raised over $4,000 for the library, and had a great time celebrating reading as a school.

Thank you to the parents who helped organize the fair: Amy Joyce, Astrid Ruggeri, and Thea Kendler. Thank you to Dave Mason and Shannon Behm for managing the money! Cheers to Mary Rives for being my right-hand woman. Thanks to Sophie Hanrahan, Carrie Willimann, the Tuesday Bulletin team, our teachers and the room parents for helping us get the word out.

This book fair would have been impossible without our volunteer cashiers! Thank you for your time, your smiles and the work that you put into making the book fair such a joyful experience for our students. Special thanks to Edith Rankin, Don Rutledge and Fatima Clark for putting in so many hours.

Finally, thank you to our shoppers! Thank you for being flexible and forgiving of our crazy schedule changes. I hope you found some great books, and I look forward to buying new ones for our collection with our book fair profits!

Happy reading!

Ms. Leese