Bylaws Revision Vote: Come to the HSA General Meeting at 6:30 Tonight

Tonight the HSA will be reviewing and voting on proposed bylaw changes and we need your input!

Please see the draft bylaws here. The goals of the bylaw revisions are:

  • Smaller executive board, focused on overall governance and fiduciary responsibility
  • Creation of standing committees with responsibility to implement fundraising, community programs, communications and outreach activities
  • Volunteer positions with smaller overall time commitments
  • Increased flexibility for Board operations
  • Better alignment with DCPS budgeting process
  • Increased financial oversight provisions to the by-laws

Over the next several months the HSA Board will be working on updating and expanding the HSA Handbook so that operating policies and procedures are updated, well documented and transparent. 

This is an especially important meeting for anyone thinking about how to get more involved next year in HSA operations or events!

We hope to see as many of you as possible at 6:30 tonight at school.