Call for Clothing Donations to the Health Suite!

As some of you know, we keep a stock of donated clothes in the health suite in the event a student needs a change of clothes during the school day. We are beginning to run quite low on certain items and are completely out of others! It is a little early for spring cleaning, but if you happen to come across some gently used clothes your students are no longer wearing, please feel free to donate them to the health suite!  

Our biggest needs: 

Pants—All sizes, long and short! We especially need a few pairs over size 7. Mud sometimes gets the best of our older kids. Elastic waist preferred! Tights are also great! 

Shirts—All sizes, especially long sleeve 

Other miscellaneous items are also super helpful (I.e., socks/shoes/new underwear/gloves/hats).  

You may bring all donations to the front—security will either direct you to the nurse’s office or they will radio Nurse Vella to come pick them up from you! 

Thank you so much! Please feel free to reach out to Nurse Vella at 202-724-8961.