Celebrate April by making and reading poetry!

April is a great time to enjoy reading and writing poetry!  To help your family to join in the fun, Ms. Leese has created a choice board filled with poetry resources.  Read and listen to poetry on websites dedicated to the artform.  Ms. Leese and DCPS School Libraries have curated ebooks that are available to our students on Sora (login through Clever) and Destiny Discover, our library catalog (link on the Lafayette Tech page, learn how to log into and use these resources on the library website).  Create original poetry using the Poetry Machine (filled with great prompts) and digital magnetic poetry (including a First Words version for our emerging readers).  Many thanks to Shannon Miller for the choice board template.

We’re also celebrating poetry as a school with book spine poetry, one of Ms. Leese’s favorite activities in the library!  You pick some titles, pick some more and then put them together into a poem.  Ms. Leese has created a Flipgrid that has instructions and a video demonstrating how she created one.  Students don’t need to have the physical books with them to use the titles.  They can also upload a photo of their book stack/written poem to Flipgrid if they’d prefer not to be on camera.  Students may log into the Flipgrid to share their poem and to enjoy the work of their peers!  (The topic is moderated, so students won’t see their videos right away.)

Have a wonderful month!