Changes for Class Activity Fee 2019-2020

Dear Lafayette Families,

Each year, we collect a one-time payment from each child in the classroom to pay for field trips, end-of-year parties and field-day shirts in each class. The HSA collects and administers the funds, but the money collected goes directly to support students’ participation in their grade level field trips and activities.

Over the last three years, we have been tracking the amount of money collected vs. the amount of money spent for every grade level and cohort of students. What we have found, is that the $100 that has been historically collected is not an accurate amount to budget for each grade level based on the grade level’s size, trips taken, buses needed, etc. Each year some grade levels have finished the year with a surplus while other grade levels have finished the year with a negative balance.

To that end, for the 2019-2020 school year, we have adjusted the amount of the Class Activity Fee for each grade level. We have also adjusted the projected budgets for each grade level based on historical spending and size of the class. If there was a surplus for any cohort of students, it was added into the calculation for the class activity fee for that grade level.

In other words:

(Projected Budget for the Grade Level – Rollover $ Amount) = Class Activity Fee*
# of students

Below is a table showing the rollover amount for each cohort of students (accumulated over the last three school years), the projected budget for the grade level, enrollment of the grade level, and the Class Activity Fee for 2019-2020 for each grade level.

Grade Level

Rollover Amount Projected Budget # of kids Class Activity Fee*
PK4 N/A $9600 80 $120
KDG N/A $15,400 140 $110
1st Grade $1, 558.09 $15,000 165 $100
2nd Grade $6597.61 $14,300 155 $50
3rd Grade $13,016.30 $13,000 135 $0
4th Grade $13,583.76 $13,600 120 $0
5th Grade $3,665.23 $20,000 130 $125


*When appropriate, numbers have been rounded up to account for an influx in enrollment and costs.

To pay, click here: Pay your Class Activty Fee

To see the Class Activity Fee beginning balances for 2019-2020, click here.

To see the Class Activity Fee expenditure report, click here

This is a change from previous years and families may have further questions about this. Please see FAQs here and feel free to reach out to me.


Dr. B