Check Out Our New Website!

We are very excited to share our new school website! Our communications team has been working hard throughout the past few months to make sure our site is is informative and makes parents’ lives easier.
New features:

  • Volunteer form – check out, and fill out, our new form to let the HSA know what kinds of volunteer jobs you are interested in!
  • Handbook – all the nuts and bolts of school life in one place.
  • Quicklinks – all your online resources on one place (top right of navigation bar).
  • New email addresses (see below for key info).
  • The site is more mobile-friendly, so you should be able to access everything easily on your phone or tablet.

New things to remember:

As you can see we have great photos on display and we’d like to keep them coming! If you are a good photographer, please send us an email and post your school pics to this drop box account with your name and info either in a file folder or in the file names.

Like all new websites, this one won’t be perfect right away. We’ll be adding to the calendar, the HSA section, adding info for the six-day calendar, and other information as we get it. Don’t hesitate to email us at with any issues. Thank you in advance for your patience as we work out the kinks.

A number of people helped put this together, donating their time, their incredible photographs, or their editing skills. A HUGE thank you to:

Carroll Vuncannon
Stacy Beck
Jamie Davis Smith
Sean Maloney

This is the first in a series of upgrades to our communication tools, including more improved emails and Tuesday Bulletins, media releases, and more. So stay tuned!

Sophie Hanrahan & Jen Lanoff
HSA communications co-chairs 2016-17