Coming Soon: Confidential Panorama Survey for Lafayette Families

On March 4th, Lafayette families with email addresses on file with the district will receive a confidential Panorama Survey to complete. If you do not have an email on file, you can complete the survey at either of the following links: Panorama Surveys or DCPS Family. If a paper-based version of the survey is preferred, they will be available in the Main Office and should be returned to school when complete. Families with multiple children in DCPS schools should only fill out one survey per school, not one survey per student.

The survey is completely anonymous, includes 30 questions total, and takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. It is measuring student perseverance, rigorous expectations, parent satisfaction, parent communication, and demographic information. Last year we only had 183 families participate and we encourage and ask that ALL families voice their opinions about their experience here at Lafayette, as we appreciate honest feedback in order to best meet the needs of all students/families. If you should have any questions, concerns, or technical difficulties, please reach out to