Congrats to our champion spellers!

A huge congratulations is due to our school spelling champions — Arabella Bernstein, Lake Angehr-Sun, and Eli Trayner — for their performances during this year’s spelling bee season!  All three students competed in the city bee in March.

To be extra safe, our school spelling bee was online for the second year in a row.  Students attended practices on Teams and studied on their own.  37 students took the online test on the Scripps official testing platform, and three of them had perfect scores of 25/25: Arabella, Lake and Eli.

On February 9, our three spelling champions went to TheARC Theater to compete in-person at the intermediate bee.  There, they competed against spellers, grades three through five, from several other schools.  After impressive performances, Lafayette Elementary was the proud school of three of the 33 students who would compete in the city bee in March.  Many thanks to Ms. Cassidy for chaperoning our students at the intermediate bee!

On Saturday, March 19, Lafayette’s spellers participated in the 40th Annual Washington Informer Spelling Bee in the studios of DC Entertainment Office.  Eli, Lake and Arabella all did a phenomenal job, spelling with grace under so much pressure!  While the cluster and city bees were not open to the public, you can enjoy the impressive spellers of Washington, DC by watching this recording of the city-wide bee on Youtube.  The Washington Informer also put out a special edition about the spelling bee that is worth a read!

Thanks to all of the adults who supported our students by helping them study, registering them for the online platform, and carving out time at home so they could take the test.  We couldn’t have pulled it off without you!  Thanks also to the Spelling Bee Committee:  Ms. Leese, Ms. Di Renzo, Ms. Campbell, Ms. Cassidy, Mrs. Doria, Ms. Cobb, Ms. Dalton, Ms. Ratliff, Ms. A. Goodwin, Mr. King, and Ms. Vessa.

Good work Lake, Eli, Arabella and all of the spelling bee participants of Lafayette Elementary!  You all worked so hard, and we are very, very proud of you!