Congrats To Our Spellers!

Congrats to all of our third, fourth and fifth grade students who participated in Lafayette’s school spelling bee!  Our bee in the time of covid-19 looked very different — an online test instead of a live bee in our cafetorium — but students still put in the work, and it showed!  They studied at home, attended practices during their free time, and navigated a completely different platform (that had its share of technical difficulties).  58 students took the test between Monday, January 25 and Thursday, January 28, a remarkable showing!

All students were tested on the same words, ranging from “peanut” and “crockery” to “norimon” and “souterrain.”  Lafayette’s grand champion this year is Henry Scott in 4th grade!  He correctly spelled 23 out of the 25 words.  When the clock ran out on the test Thursday night at 11:59, we had a tie for second/third places, all with a score of 21 out of 25:  Eliza Bowers-Shreve (4th grade), Ulysse Harasty (5th grade) and Nelson Harasty (4th grade).  After a tie-breaker test, we had our last two spellers who will advance to the cluster bee in February:  Ulysse Harasty (2nd place) and Nelson Harasty (3rd place).  The scores were very close among the three who took the second test.  Congratulations to our top four spellers!

Henry, Ulysse and Nelson will compete in the cluster/intermediate bee sometime in February.  This round of competition will also be virtual.  Winners of the cluster bees will advance to the City-wide Bee, sponsored by The Washington Informer, in late February or early March.

Thank you to all of the family members of our spellers who registered them, helped them study, and persevered through tech annoyances to make sure they were able to compete.  The bee wouldn’t have been possible without your assistance this year!

Thank you to the spelling bee organizers:  Ms. Leese, Mr. Lookner and Ms. Redding.  Many thanks to Ms. Campbell and Ms. Ratliff for sharing their years of experience and wisdom!  Thank you to the teachers who ran spelling practices:  Ms. Cobb, Ms. Wells, Ms. Culver, Ms. Rincón, Ms. Di Renzo, Ms. Ryden, Mr. King, Mr. Lookner, Ms. Redding, Ms. Cassidy and Mr. Foley.  (Apologies if we missed any names!)