Congratulations to Math Club and Math Team Members!

Math Club
Math Club is a great opportunity for students who enjoy math to get to together to play games, explore math concepts, and discuss ideas. We finished our work with line designs and are now investigating patterns in Pascal’s triangle. Our final activity for the calendar year will be modular origami, in which we create single pieces of origami that can be combined to make larger geometric figures. We meet on Wednesdays at 8 a.m. and welcome all students in 3rd , 4th and 5th grade.

Math Team
On November 4th we had our first Math Team contest from the Continental Math League and forty-six students participated. Getting even one answer correct is an accomplishment and we are so proud of all of our students for their dedication! The winners of our first competition are listed below. If you have a fourth or fifth grader who is up for an additional challenge, encourage them to join us for Math Team on Friday mornings at 8 a.m.
-Erin Duchinsky & Edie Stanton

1st Place – All 6 Correct
Adam Goodman
Magnus Nordeide

2nd Place – 5 out of 6 correct
William Bye
Sam Fleischer
Wyatt Hartig
Emma Lomba
Parker Healey
Natalie Reeve
Yonatan Richman-Dreyfus
Maddie Palacheck
Lolita-Rain Taylor
Nava Zwerdling

3rd Place – 4 out of 6 correct
Dylan Carter
Thomas Crean
Cavan Kootman
Gabe Kline
Sadie Meixner
Julia Park
Jake Rich
Ronan Sharma-Manning
Liam Sheives
Evan Tonolli
Owen Vaughan