Diplomatic Ties Spring Auction Countdown: Five Weeks to Go!

World Class Donations Needed

Help make this year’s auction offerings the best yet! We are calling for donations to complete this year’s Diplomatic Ties Passport aka Auction Catalog. Help us think creatively… what can you donate? Your work? Your neighbors? Your favorite store? We need your generosity and global connections to entice and delight this year’s auction attendees. Donations can be registered directly online at our secure giving site. Thank you!

Diplomatic Sponsorships Available

Traveling the world in a single night will take the support of a dynamic and wide reaching team. We are seeking amazing sponsors to support this year’s auction evening. We have an amazing list of opportunities to entice you. Perhaps your employer, business, or family could help make this year’s event amazing through a direct donation or in kind donation? Details are available here and the auction team is open to any or all ideas, please reach out!

Now Accepting Pre-Boarding at the Diplomatic Lounge.

Before you tour around the globe at the 2019 Auction Night, get in line for pre-boarding by joining the Stock the Bar Party on Saturday, March 2, from 8pm-11pm.  

On March 2nd,  bring your favorite bottle to pass through customs and get a passport preview of Auction Night with some international drinks and treats. Most importantly, you will be helping to stock the bar for the 2019 Diplomatic Ties Auction Night.

Please RSVP here and choose your  choice of one premium bottle of liquor (tequila, bourbon, vodka, gin) priced at $35 or higher (for couple or individual) that will be used for the Auction bar-make it good as our TSA Screeners have a very discerning taste!  Visit our annual sponsor, Magruder’s, as they are happy to provide their recommendations. We will gather your “donation” at the door, and then you have the night to enjoy an evening of drinks and fun with other Lafayette parents.


Stock the Bar Party

Saturday, March 2nd, 8pm-11pm

Hosted by the de Marchis, Goiteins, Ruggeris, and Widors

At the hangar of Astrid and Dennis Ruggeri

3280 Chestnut Street, NW

Space is limited, but we need to “sell out” this party in order to have a fully stocked bar at the auction, so please RSVP or email () with any questions.