How do your Donations Help? Hear from our Teachers

Our school relies on the support of our community to help free up funds within their budget for teachers and aides. The Lafayette Home and School Association (HSA) fundraising provides funds to cover teacher supplies, supplemental program funding for the school. As our community grows, it makes the dollars raised even more valuable to our school and teachers.

Don’t just take our word for it, below are some testimonials of our teachers.

As a teacher at our school, I have watched many students grow and thrive as learners and citizens. Through the use of programs and technology available at Lafayette Elementary, students have learned how to properly navigate the internet and participate in the broadcasting club. Girls and boys have participated in basketball, track, and archery to name a few of the activities available at Lafayette. The Home School Association has helped and supported these opportunities as well as the numerous arts programs including Arts Night and Drama Club with their time and resources. Personally speaking, as a teacher, the funds that I get as a teacher have been invaluable in supporting the learning in my classroom. I have been able to buy books, games, and other classroom resources that have made it possible for me to reach all the different types of learners in my class. Without this support, I would either have to pay for these materials myself or go without. I really appreciate all the support I receive from the HS organization.

Steven King, 2nd Grade Teacher

I am so thankful for the HSA at Lafayette. I’ve been teaching for 13 years and anything I needed for the classroom I had to buy out of my own pocket. There have been times in the past that I couldn’t afford to continue to buy supplies for the classroom. However, when I came to Lafayette I was just in awe how present the HSA was at the school. It is truly a blessing to come to school and receive funds that support learning in every classroom. If I want to do a project or need materials to further the students learning I can count on the HSA to help make that dream come true. I don’t have to worry anymore about if I’ll be able to teach my lesson because I don’t have what I need.

The HSA has also supported my professional development so I continue to teach in DCPS. They graciously provide lunch for staff members during PD days or conferences. They also did an outstanding job planning last year’s auction. The HSA is amazing and I strongly suggest that more parents donate to the HSA because they do so many things for teachers and the Lafayette community! Can’t say thank you enough!

Lakeshia. Brown, Kindergarten Teacher

People are always asking me about the Peace of Mind Program at Lafayette. When I tell them that I am the full-time Peace Teacher and that I teach 45-minute, weekly classes about peace, mindfulness and conflict resolution to all of the students during the school day they are always amazed. I tell them about all of the crucial support from our principal and teachers but I also tell them that the key ingredient is that at Lafayette parents step up to make peace and kindness a priority. They are willing to raise and dedicate funds every year to make sure that our children learn to be kind to others and themselves, to work out conflicts peacefully, to understand and regulate their emotions. Kids at Lafayette know that the adults in their lives value civility, kindness, and love. In this uncertain and often scary world I believe that the skills kids learn in Peace class will benefit them and everyone they come into contact with for the rest of their lives. I wish all schools were lucky enough to have the generous backing of this hardworking, fundraising HSA. Thank you, HSA for fourteen years of supporting Peace of Mind at Lafayette!!!

-Linda Ryden, Peace Teacher

Thank you so much for your generous contributions to The Bear Fund 2018-19 campaign. We are pleased to report that we have raised almost $80,000 towards our goal of $120,000 raised this year. Will you help us reach our goal? Gifts of all sizes count. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to spread your gift out through the school year.