Encourage your reader at the book fair

Lafayette is thrilled to be hosting a Scholastic online book fair this year on Sunday, November 29 to Saturday, December 12!  Reading for pleasure has real and long-lasting benefits! It unlocks the power of information and imagination and helps children discover who they are.

Our Scholastic online book fair features the books that kids want to read! It’s a wonderful selection of more than 6,000 engaging and affordable books for every reading level. Please make plans to visit our online book fair and be involved in shaping your child’s reading habits.  Profits will allow us to buy more books for our classrooms!  All purchases must be made through our online book fair homepage, which can be accessed from the Lafayette tech page and Clever.

This school year has been hard, but we can still enjoy reading books together.  Reading is a huge part of Lafayette’s culture even during a pandemic!  We hope that you’ll find something amazing to read at the book fair or your public library.

There are answers to some frequently asked questions about the book fair below.

Happy reading and be well!

Ms. Leese


Does my student have a set shopping time?

No.  Unlike an in-person book fair, there will not be designated shopping times for classes.  You can visit the book fair as a family anytime from the early hours of Sunday, November 29 to the end of Saturday, December 12.

How can we choose books?

Scholastic’s online store allows you to filter by age, grade, subject and more!  They also have curated book lists and gift guides.  They’re also creating a virtual fair experience, where you can “walk” around a gymnasium and look at cases, just like a real book fair!  You can start building your wish list now by watching the preview videos or browsing the booklist.

Are there books in other languages?

Yes!  Scholastic publishes some of its books in Spanish.

How can we access teacher wish lists?

Ms. Leese is encouraging all teachers and staff who work with students to create wish lists.  This includes specials teachers, special ed teachers, counselors, service providers, etc.  Teachers can compile wish lists once the online store opens.  There is a link on the book fair homepage to a master document with links to all wish lists.

What’s the deal with shipping?

All purchases will be delivered to home addresses.  Orders will ship 1-3 days after they are placed, and they might take 7-10 days to arrive after that.  Scholastic is hopeful that all purchases will arrive before Christmas, but the postal service will undoubtedly be even busier this year, so purchasing early is advised.  Shipping is free for all book orders over $25.  If you add anything that’s not a book, like a coffee mug, or a book that has a toy attached (like the Lego or crafting books), your purchase will no longer have free shipping.  It would probably be cheaper to order that item separately.

What is eWallet?

eWallet is an easy payment system that is particularly wonderful during an in-person fair (no cash to lose!) but could also be helpful now.  You can set up an account for your student and then set a budget for them (say $20).  Scholastic puts a hold on the credit card for that amount, and then when the student makes their purchase, the correct amount is charged.  It functions much like a gift card, but it’s better, because unused funds are returned to you!  This would be a way for family members to contribute to your student’s book fair purchase.  (You could also have your student make a wish list and send that to them.)