Enrollment Season Opens Friday, 3/31

Enrollment Season Is Here!

Beginning Friday, 3/31 enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year is open!  All students who are new and returning students must complete new enrollment paperwork.  We are asking all returning students to complete their enrollment no later than Friday, 5/26.

  • Enrollment is available online: https://enrolldcps.dc.gov/node/76
  • Returning students must provide proof of residency:
    • One of the following documents:
      • Paystub with DC address and DC taxes
      • DC Government Financial Assistance (SNAP, TANF)
      • Embassy Letter
      • Military Housing Orders


    • Two of the following documents:
      • DC Driver’s License (not expired)
      • DC Car registration (not expired)
      • Lease with proof of payment
      • 2 concurrent months of the same utility bill showing payment (Pepco, DC Water, DC Gas, etc). Two bills counts as 1 proof of residency

Helpful Hints for paperwork

  • All names and addresses must match!
    • The names on the proof of residency must match the name of the person filling out the form.
    • Proof of residency documents must be current.
      • No expired licenses or car registrations
      • Utility bills must be from the last 60 days
      • Paystubs must be from the last 60 days.
  • All proof of residency documents must be included when you submit the online enrollment form
  • Health forms can be turned in throughout the summer and into the new year


Student not returning to Lafayette next year?   Please fill out this form:  Students Not Returning SY24


Need help with enrollment???  Email

Prizes are being awarded to the first classroom and first grade level with complete enrollment.  Hurry and get yours completed!