Enter the First-Ever Lafayette Gratitude Challenge!

Every time you brush your teeth between now and December 19th try to think of three things you are grateful for. Try to zoom in on the little good things.  Instead of saying “I’m grateful for my family” think “I’m grateful for the way my Mom remembers that I don’t like mayonnaise on my sandwiches” or “I’m grateful for my brother’s silly jokes.”  Winners will not just be judged on numbers but also on specificity so really zoom in.  As we’ve talked about in Peace Class we are trying to overcome our brain’s Negativity Bias – the brain’s tendency to focus on bad things in order to keep us safe from harm. Focusing on all of the little good things that happen in our lives can help us to see both the positives and negatives and see our lives more clearly.  If you want to enter the challenge get a sheet from Ms. Ryden or just start writing them down.  Listen to the morning announcements for more information. 

Questions?  Contact Ms. Ryden at